Each year 3 Quarks Daily, a science and culture blog, awards three prizes for the year’s best science blog posts. 87 blog posts, including two of my posts (“The Psychology of Killing and the Origins of War” and “Field Notes From a Maya Ruin“) have been nominated for this year’s competition.

The voting round is now open, so head over to the list of nominated posts to browse through the nominees and vote for your favorite post. The voting round closes on Friday June 10, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST. The top 20 most-voted-for posts will make it to a semi-final round where the 3QD editors will choose the top 6, from which physicist Lisa Randall will select the first, second, and third place winners.

If you’d like to vote for one of my posts, “The Psychology of Killing and the Origins of War” is my favorite of the two, but vote for whichever post you like best (even if it’s not one of mine – lots of cool posts were nominated, so I won’t take it personally).

Update: Congratulations to the 2011 3 Quarks Daily winners! You can check out the winning posts here.

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  1. Voted for “The Psychology of Killing and the Origins of War.” You do a great job condensing many interesting points and case studies…definitely a daunting but fascinating subject to tackle!

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